Michael Dauphinee

Michael Dauphinee

A weekly conversation on the importance of Identity, Permission, Courage, Generosity and all things leadership related, tied together with a healthy dose of the Clifton StrengthsFinder.

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    Make your resolution to believe in yourself.

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    Do the right thing!

    Why do you do what you do? The importance of conviction and belief.

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    You can bet on it...

    You've got to be willing to bet on yourself, but you can't if you don' t know who you are.

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    It's not about me!

    Why can people look at the same information and come to opposite conclusions?

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    Healthy people ask for what they want

    The first leadership podcast from The Dauphinee Group intro's the company and gives thoughts on a core belief of the best leaders, "Healthy people ask for what they want."

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